this my brief speech when i represent all graduate of STAINU KEBUMEN

29 des 2012

Assalamu’alaikum. Wr. Wb

Exelllency Prof. Dr Nur Cholis Setiawan (The Religious Life Research and Develepment Central Directur of Religion Ministry)

Exelllency Prof. Dr. Muhibbin (The Coordinator of Copertais. Ten. Central Java)

Exelllency  the Board of YPPNU Kebumen

Exelllency Mr. Buyar Winarso S. E

Respectable Mr. Imam Satibi, M. Pd. I (The Chancellor of STAINU Kebumen)

Honorable all Graduate Parents

And all Audiences


Lets thanks to Alloh Almigthy because by the grace of Alloh Almigthy we can meet in this good opportunity. Peace blessing and salutation be upon to our Phropet Muhammad (peace be upon Him).

Ladies and Gentleman…

It is a great honor for me can stand here to deliver brief speech. I stand here to represent all graduate of STAINU KEBUMEN to deliver farewell speech.

My Friends…

We are the graduate of STAINU KEBUMEN must face challenge and obstacle confidently, and also we must believe that our knowledge and experiences we got in STAINU KEBUMEN can aid us in our life.

We are as a part of society (I meant intellectual society) should be able to be Agent of change. “wherever we are).


Today we get our scholarship but it doesn’t mean (ones more) it doesn’t mean that our duty, our task is finished here. We have to search, we must look for science continuously (on and on), eventhough we have graduate from STAINU KEBUMEN.

Ladies and Gentleman…

I would like to express my great gratitude to :

1st Mr. Imam Satibi (magister of Islamic Education the Management Doctoral Candidate) who always make strong effort. He never feel tired to make STAINU KEBUMEN better and better, we can see beside us, there has been a very luxurious building,, that’s ISLAMIC STUDENT FLAT (or we say RUSUNAWA) and also this building we use today to have CEREMONIAL GRADUATE INAUGURATION (this sport hall) is also His achievements, and there are many other.

2nd we never forget to say thank so much to all of the STAINU lectures, they always have strong and great spirit to teach, to learn, to advice, to guide, to discuss all of the lecturing materials. Just because of them. Just because of their patience we can understand, we get experiences and of course we get knowledge and science.. (Mujhe Tumse Pyar ahai my lecture.. I Love YOU full)

3rd thank a lot for our parents (Father and mother), brother and sisters, they have always support us, they have always back up us morally, psicisally and of course FINANCIALLY ( I will never forget it <3)

            Ladies and Gentleman…

            That’s all my short speech, I beg your pordon all in.

            Last but not Least..


Wassalamu’alaikum. Wr. Wb




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